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Providing Effective Security Solutions

We Identify how vulnerable you are

Apphaz will help you detect and prioritize vulnerabilities to effectively improve your remediation efficiency through our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS).

Our Penetration Testing Services

Services We Provide

We perform thorough security testing on your IT environment using our in-house manual techniques and enterprise automated tools by leveraging industry standards such as MITRE, NIST, OWASP Top10, ASVS and Business Logic Flaws. 

Key activities of our approach include both vulnerability scanning and penetration testing that involves the active exploitation of identified vulnerabilities. Our approach incorporates formal approval points throughout the pen testing lifecycle, specifically to help ensure efficient communication between the testing team and the client.

At the end of our penetration testing assessments, our team will walk you through each stage of the assessment and explain about the threats identified.

Our Services

Services We Provide

We perform thorough security testing on your IT environment using our in-house manual techniques and enterprise automated tools by leveraging industry standards such as MITRE, NIST, OWASP Top10, ASVS and Business Logic Flaws.

Application Penetration Testing

In-depth Application Penetration Testing on your target using industry standards such as OWASP Top 10, ASVS and application logic flaws.

Network Penetration Testing

In-depth Penetration Testing of your Internal/External network using industry standard tools and technologies to help you stay ahead of the attackers.

Secure Code

Secure code review of your applications through a hybrid model using automated enterprise tools and in-depth manual validations using industry standards such OWASP Top 10 and application logic flaws.


Compliance benchmarking against your IT assets to help you understand the security posture of your IT environment with the latest benchmarks.

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Various types of social engineering assessments such as spear phishing, voice phishing and physical security assessment to view the security posture in terms of phishing awareness of your organization.


Simulate hacker like scenarios in your environment to identify all possible exploits and measure the level of your defense mechanisms


What Our Client's Said

“We have been working with Apphaz team for more than a year now. They have a professional team who knows what they are doing, and they always deliver projects on time. They have been instrumental in us winning more projects with their quality of work and expertness. I would recommend them for VAPT & Red Teaming assignments for customers of all sizes.”

The Apphaz Team were excellent. They did exactly what they committed to, and beyond. Their support post-testing was outstanding. Professional, thorough, and know their stuff.

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