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Apphaz’s Scanning and Vulnerability Management Platform

Apphaz Scan Engine provides both a perfect blend of automated scanning and manual penetration testing into a single pane with continuous vulnerability management. This empowers organizations to achieve more efficiency in penetration testing activities, prioritise vulnerabilities and manage assets from a single platform.

Apphaz Scan Engine

Perform VAPT at Scale

Apphaz Scan Engine is a scalable continuous penetration testing and vulnerability management platform for your organization. The platform provides your organization a single pane of view of your vulnerabilities.

How It Works

8. Repeat 


2. Scope


6. Remediation


4. Assess


7. Retest 


3. Create your Pentest  

Create your Pentest  

1. Plan


5. Report  


About Apphaz

Simplify Your Efforts with our Apphaz Scan Engine

Manages the lifecycle of vulnerabilities from identification till remediation which helps organizations with faster remediation timeframes.
Perform intelligent automated scanning on your infrastructure and applications seamlessly.
Scan engine automates vulnerability scans of your assets to provide an in-depth view of vulnerabilities with guided remediation.
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Populates vulnerabilities with severity which helps you prioritize what’s important to you.
Assign vulnerabilities, track vulnerability remediation, and verify compliance across your entire organization.
Seamless integrations with Jira (bi-directional) and slack for extended vulnerability management.

Apphaz Faq


Apphaz SE is an innovative way to deliver VAPT to the customers. It allows them to create new assessments for manual penetration testing, automatically scan their assets (web and network), faster remediation lifecycles through the vulnerability Management Platform.

We help organizations identify and prioritize vulnerabilities through our automated scan engines and manual penetration testing which helps our customers better defend against real world threats.

Apphaz believes that there will no replacement of the human/manual penetration testing. Our scan engine intelligently compliments the human-led efforts to identify critical and high risk vulnerabilities.