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Protecting Yourself Online online in 2023

Saving yourself from the biggest scams online!

These days having an excessive online presence can be a threat. But if you don’t post at all people automatically assume you have gone missing! So what is the correct amount of information sharing rate these days? 

Are you bothered by the constant fear of oversharing and getting hacked into?

The fear of a creepy little stalker is just waiting for his turn to show up at your door perhaps? Well, in that case, you are not alone! Protecting yourself online has been a concern for almost everyone including the companies that have hired cybersecurity experts. So how to actually protect yourself?

In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which you can preserve your online identity and reputation online. So without further ado, let us get into it! Maintaining a decent online presence can be the job of a whole or an individual that is responsible for displaying their content on any sort of social media platform. There are many mishaps that can occur in case one happens to reveal sensitive data online. Even the smallest mistakes like displaying your car number can significantly invade your privacy. Hence, you ought to be extremely mindful when you choose to share something online.

Improving your online presence

There are numerous ways by which you can improve your online presence. The list below gives you the best ways you can keep your privacy maintained. The list is as follows:

1. Securing your private information beforehand

There are various ways that people put themselves at stake and fall victim to data breaches when they do not understand the importance of having a filter when they use social media. It is necessary that you have pre-established boundaries when you decide to put any information online. Many frauds like online identity thefts are committed due to the same reason that people tend to overshare on their personal social media accounts. Another malicious way this data can be used is to create a synthetic identity. This can be extremely dangerous can is punishable by law. 

2. Having the right privacy settings

When you decide to choose a social media platform, it is necessary that you gave the right privacy settings to keep your data from being lost. Are your accounts public? Who is able to see the information you are putting out? Are these people trustworthy are some of the major questions that one must answer before he or she chooses to share something that is extremely personal to them. Developers are coming up with new authentication and encryption services every day to secure the data of the client can be kept secure. The fake identities developed are used to scam people to reveal something personal.

3.Googling yourself

This might sound like something absurd but is one of the easiest ways to find out and authenticate where our images and data are being used and for what purposes. Searching our name on google and then accessing the relevant pages to conduct your research is the easiest way to get the most accurate results. If you are able to find something that violates the community guidelines are feeling like is a misuse of your property then you can always report it. App developers are coming up with new ways by which people can advance search a relevant piece of information to get the most relevant data available in the databases. 

4.Cleaning up your media profiles

We all know that timely cleaning of our houses or personal and professional spaces is important. The same applies to your social media accounts. It is necessary that you keep cleaning your accounts to take out parts of information that no longer matter to you as an individual. This practice takes care of two things, first that you are having a change of profile, and second that no one is able to target you based on this kind of information. Many cases have been reported where people have been targeted on past information. 

6.Registering your personal brand/ name online

In case someone tries to commit online identity theft, he or she can be punished by law in case your brand or name is already registered. By doing so, you are the total controller of everything and everywhere your name is used. Hence, this is something that you should dedicate and look into.


It is quite easy to get scammed online these days. Hackers are coming up with new ways to break the firewall of your device and leak your personal data. Make sure that you do not overshare any information that can cause mishaps in the future. If you still are facing issues with cyber securing your services, you can contact us. We at Appahz provide solutions catering to your needs!